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Regardless of the simple fact that allopathic drugs is poisoning and killing thousands and thousands of people today about the globe every single calendar year, the knowledge and ability of the choice healthcare group is getting intentionally hidden by the mainstream medical authorities and the enormous pharmaceutical companies that stand guiding them. Easy and strong substances that can and do heal most cancers and several other conditions are meticulously stored out of the public eye. Physicians who dare use these substances hazard ridicule, banishment, and at times even prison costs.

A Cheap, Effortless Cure?

1 basic and not likely compound that looks to have proven alone to be a potent weapon against cancer and several other disorders, is sodium bicarbonate – Baking soda. The only trouble with it is, it can be low cost! No earnings in it for any pharmaceutical enterprise. So its use against cancer is commonly constrained to its inclusion with the medications administered in standard chemotherapy. Devoid of it, the individual would die. No a single at any time requested if removing the chemo substances and just working with the Baking Soda would cure the cancer.

A Health practitioner WHO Thinks IN IT
Till a single medical doctor did! Dr Tullio Simoncini asked that issue. And tried to verify that the logic was right. Dr Simoncini, a board licensed oncologist positioned his career on the line by abandoning all conventional cancer therapies and electing instead, to administer sodium bicarbonate. The successes he noted had been practically nothing quick of phenomenal!

Health care provider Simoncini claimed a cure rate of 90% of breast and bladder cancers in an unbelievable 6 days of therapy! Dr Simoncini has claimed similar successes versus stomach (the course of action right here is so uncomplicated you could conceivably do it by yourself), orolarynx (once more a very uncomplicated treatment method), liver, intestine, spleen, pancreas, mind, lung, bladder, prostate, pores and skin, psoriasis, and other cancers. The Global Professional medical Veritas Association has entirely endorsed his treatment method protocols.


The regular most cancers clique, sensing the danger to their enormous income middle, ended up swift to react. They attacked with virulent ferocity. Seizing on the dying of a client in his care, without having regard for the true trigger of death, they unrelentingly pursued him until eventually they managed to get him barred from the apply of medicine.

Different Doctors UNCONVINCED

Alternative doctors engaged in dealing with cancer are very cautious in their evaluations of Dr Simoncini’s theories. Dr Simoncini contends that cancer is a fungus, and therefore the acidic fungi comprising the tumor can be ruined in the presence of a powerful alkaline compound. Most choice doctors regard the tumor as simply a byproduct of cancer and have a tendency to overlook it, preferring to focus on getting at the cancer cells on their own.


So what are our choices? Existing common cancer treatments are flawed, futile, and highly-priced. It can make no perception to use a recognised carcinogen (chemo substances) to remedy most cancers. Radiation leads to most cancers and medical procedures releases cancer cells into the bloodstream. But these treatment plans are all extremely financially rewarding a great deal extra than the twelve cents really worth of baking soda it can take to demolish a tumor. And at worst, it could be no greater than the common techniques now in use. The jury is out on this.

NO Scientific studies AND FLAWED Research

The mainstream healthcare group continues to deny the validity of Dr Simoncini’s protocol on the flimsy grounds that he has in no way performed any ‘studies” of his theories. At the exact time, 50 % hearted “reports” have been carried out on mice with an eye to disproving Dr Simoncini. It can be straightforward to skew a study in any direction you want it to go. The pharmaceutical sector does it all the time. But no scientific tests have ever been done on humans even however it would be incredibly basic and safe to do so. Why not? What are they scared of?